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Comments and Feedback regarding the flow and items in the Sunday Night Event.

We want to improve and need to hear from you!

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  1. Matthew Eouse
    Matthew Eouse says:

    Baptiste, Thank you for shopping with us. We understand sometimes its confusing where and how you are shopping with the World of Décor. We are always working on doing better and appreciate your feedback. Auction Events always require the buyer to pay shipping while shopping on our website worldofdecor.com is always free shipping. Just remember there are 3 easy ways to shop the World of Décor; Online, Auctions, and In Store letting you choose your favorite or enjoying them all!

  2. Ashley K.
    Ashley K. says:

    Matt and Darieon are amazing every Sunday! The auctions are absolutely the best opportunity to be able to acquire amazing pieces that you normally could not afford. Truly a wonderful experience.

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