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Comments and Feedback regarding the flow and items in the Sunday Night Event.

We want to improve and need to hear from you!

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  1. Matthew Eouse
    Matthew Eouse says:

    Baptiste, Thank you for shopping with us. We understand sometimes its confusing where and how you are shopping with the World of Décor. We are always working on doing better and appreciate your feedback. Auction Events always require the buyer to pay shipping while shopping on our website worldofdecor.com is always free shipping. Just remember there are 3 easy ways to shop the World of Décor; Online, Auctions, and In Store letting you choose your favorite or enjoying them all!

  2. Ashley K.
    Ashley K. says:

    Matt and Darieon are amazing every Sunday! The auctions are absolutely the best opportunity to be able to acquire amazing pieces that you normally could not afford. Truly a wonderful experience.

  3. david
    david says:

    you send me text about auction and stay that starting bids are $1 which is total bull crap goto sight and majority of stuff start bid from $25-250

  4. Matthew G Eouse
    Matthew G Eouse says:

    David, Thank you for the feedback. Yes sometimes the $1.00 lots can be limited, we are after all a business trying to do what is best for the customer and our vendors. We try to put as many $1.00 starting lots as we can and recommend you check back from time to time and perhaps you’ll see that special $1.00 item that your looking for. Thank you again for shopping with us, we appreciate the opportunity for your business.

  5. John C Haynes
    John C Haynes says:

    I am bidding on items in High NC.
    I live close and wil be picking the items up.
    how do i go about this?

  6. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    Please keep the Sunday night auctions going. I liked the previous format of showing only the photos during auction which seemed to allow more items in a shorter time period. But seeing the items live on camera has allowed a realistic view of the size and characteristics of the item. Like others I have been able to acquire high end and unusual furniture and art that would have been otherwise out of my range. And the graduated shipping fees based on item cost have been a bargain in most cases. Your Sunday night auction has become my guilty obsession over the past few years – and your sales and customer service team members are super and very personable.

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